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Earth and the Colonies in 2061

Corporate power is ascendant and national power has diminished. Scattered among the Inner System are numerous corporate and national colonies with relatively small populations; from assets in Earth orbit, to bases on Mars, Ceres (and other smaller asteroids), and the larger hospitable Jovian moons.

When the Blink took the moon away, several thousand people living in colonies on Luna vanished. Every corporate and national interest had holdings on the lunar surface.

Mankind has proven to be a resilient species, and technology has allowed us to weather highly destructive situations over the past forty-odd years. Quantum computing, holographic storage, wetdrives, nanoscale implanted hardware, small and large scale fusion reactors, and space vessels that travel the Inner System in many days rather than years are the norm. Above all, the biological sciences rule.

By 2061, there is a Transhuman Spectrum that spans from unmodified to fully artificial humans engineered with non-human DNA.

With the colonization of the inner system, we found proof of extraterrestrial life. Viruses and single-celled organisms, far from complex lifeforms and intelligent life, but life beyond Earth nonetheless.

Timeline of Events 2018 to 2061

The most powerful players in modern politics are the members of the Corporate Consortium – the Worldwide Council. Nation states still exist, but the nature of conflict and influence has evolved. Most consider non-corporate states an afterthought.

The Corporations and National Interests

The Second Annual Conference on NeoLuna

Since the Blink, mankind has obsessed over the New Moon and the circumstances around its appearance. A year ago, the First Annual Conference on NeoLuna was held at the Space XI-Novus Reach Arcology in the middle of the Rust Belt. Little information was available. This year it will be hosted at the Birger Laboratories Tornetrask Site in Sweden. With the limited success of the manned NeoLunar mission, there will be more to evaluate. This year’s focus will be on a cure for NeoLunacy.

Known Facts About NeoLuna

Weather reports suggest a high probability of a super blizzard over the dates of the conference, but the Tornetrask site will be a secure and hospitable haven.

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