2061: three years since The Blink.

Mankind struggles to understand why the moon vanished and an alien object of the same mass and size took its place. As insomnia and mental illness spread across the globe, a lab on the border of Norway and Sweden may have found the answer.

The human race stumbled into the middle of the twenty first century bruised and bloody. We survived plague, rising tides, famine, a near extinction level event that fell from the sky. Terrestrial pressures pushed us toward the stars. Though the new colonies do not exactly thrive, they maintain, and they are the stepping stones across the big black empty. We also learned one of the most important lessons – that our greatest enemy is ourselves.

Then came the Blink, thousands of lunar colonists gone with the moon, and first contact as enigma. Silent. Slowly eating away at the collective sanity of the human race.

Project Skuld: Terra is a three to four hour science fiction game with strong elements of psychological horror (and a quick nod to Norse mythology). You will play the residents of the Birger Lab and those invited to participate in deciphering the mystery of the new moon.

Trigger warnings: substance abuse, self-harm, mental illness, violence, sexual themes, medical experimentation and torture, strong and vulgar language, emotional intensity. Age Restriction: 18+

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Project Skuld: Terra

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