The Corporations and National Interests

The Corporations

  • Birger Laboratories (Stockholm, Sweden) – Research organization focusing on “emerging technologies.” Strong focus on biotech (second to Bioline in number of patents). Considered the most prestigious think tank in the Worldwide Corporate Council.
    • Tornetrask Site: One of the original Birger labs. Now a retreat and conference center.
  • Bifrost Engineering Collective [BEC] (Oslo, Norway) – Engineers and scientists fed up with “theoretical work without application” left Birger Laboratories to form this company. [Defunct]
    • Gemejavri Site: Isolated research facility East of Lake Gemejavri in Norway.
  • Bioline (Zug, Switzerland) – Genehackers. One of the big winners in the Patent Wars (hold majority of biotechnology patents).
  • Engineered Food Systems [EFS] (Los Angeles, Pacifica) – “Next generation food sources for a next generation world.” Specialize in entomological and single-celled protein manufacture. Pioneered cheap home FoodMakers using easily shipped recipe components. Formerly Soylent.
  • Genesis Weapons Laboratories [GWL] (Diana, Island Arcology off the Coast of Pacifica) – Premiere weapons and munitions development corporation.
  • Polymer Carbon Systems [PCS] (Rust Belt) – Major player in solar, spacecraft, and colony material manufacture.
  • Space XI-Novus Reach (Rust Belt) – All things Aerospace and majority holder in local system contracts.
  • Yagascript (Moscow, Russia) – The current leader in Big Pharma. Pioneered home PharmMaker devices (possible patent infringement on EFS’ FoodMakers) which use chemical compounds and escripts to create medications. Highly regulated (and likely hacked and abused).

National Entities

  • Union of Nations – Formed after the chaos of the Blink. The UN’s mission was to coalesce the remaining power of existing countries so that they might have a common voice powerful enough to be heard by the Worldwide Corporate Council. A handful of Nations have decided not to join for disparate reasons.
  • The Rust Belt – Nation that consists of the former US states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin. Home to two of the major corporations of the Worldwide Council (Space XI-Novus Reach and PCS). Their primary exports are chemicals and components for corporate interests. The Rust Belt is not a member of the Union of Nations.

The Corporations and National Interests

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